Chavo Guerrero Says This WWE Angle Was Inevitable For Dominik Mysterio

Chavo Guerrero Jr. believes Dominik Mysterio's current heel storyline has been a long time coming.

In a recent interview with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, Guerrero Jr. opened up about Mysterio's continued references to his late uncle Eddie Guerrero. Mysterio, the son of Rey Mysterio, has mentioned the late Guerrero and mirrored angles he and his father were part of during Guerrero's heel turn in the early 2000s.

As a kid, Dominik was caught in the middle of a "who's your real father?" storyline between his dad and Guerrero when they were feuding against one another. In recent months, Dominik has turned heel and feuded with his father, with whom he once held the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

"He's getting heat, man. He's getting a lot of heat," Guerrero Jr. said. "It's really cool. It's inevitable that him and WWE would use the Eddie angle in a sense ... the whole 'I'm Your Papi' thing came out of that whole thing, that whole angle with him and Mysterio. So it was inevitable that was going to happen."

After turning on his father and turning heel in the process, Dominik clotheslined Rey Mysterio – a tribute to the way the late Guerrero once turned heel against the elder Mysterio. Dominik also recently referred to himself on the mic as "this generation's Eddie Guerrero" during a promo on "Raw."

Guerrero Jr. called the younger Mysterio "a talented kid." "He just needs [time]. That's it," he continued. "This business is such an art form. You cannot learn it in two years or four years of five years. And really, it takes a good eight to 10 years to really be, to know what you're doing. It really does."