Sgt. Slaughter Has Theory About Vince McMahon's WWE Involvement

The whereabouts of Vince McMahon – specifically, regarding the leadership of WWE – continue to generate speculation. A new theory on whether McMahon has permanently exited the company was raised by Sgt. Slaughter in a "Sportskeeda Wrestling" interview.


"Well, I feel that he's still there," Slaughter said. "There's no way to keep him away."

Slaughter added that McMahon's "knowledge of the business" resulted in the successful careers of many wrestlers, noting that "a lot of us won't be doing these things that we're doing today" if it had not been for him.

"And I wish him all the best," he added. "He's always been a good friend to me. And then he became a boss and then we became friends again. So, it was a nice thing to have happened."

Slaughter is the latest WWE Hall of Famer to comment on whether McMahon is still involved in the company – last week, Bushwhacker Luke also theorized McMahon has a behind-the-scenes role in running WWE, and former WWE wrestlers Kurt Angle, CM Punk and Bobby Lashley, and former WWE referee Mike Chioda also doubted that McMahon's hands were totally off the corporate steering wheel, even though McMahon's name has been absent from WWE's internal talent roster sheets since he left the company.


Outside of a photograph published on Reddit earlier this month that showed McMahon in a New York City restaurant with an unidentified woman, the former WWE chief executive has been unseen in public since his July retirement amid press reports that he paid former female employees to maintain their silence regarding alleged sexual harassment.