Ricky Steamboat Breaks Down How He Developed In-Ring Style

Ricky Steamboat is reflecting on his famed "chameleon" style of wrestling ahead of his long-anticipated in-ring return this Sunday night.

In an exclusive new interview with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, Steamboat discussed his career, and his upcoming match teaming with FTR and recounted how he first developed his hybrid style of in-ring work.

"I learned early on," Steamboat said, discussing how he pieced his repertoire together throughout his career." I guess I turned out to be like a chameleon because it didn't matter if I worked with a guy that had a style that was fast like a Savage or a guy that was slower," he said, referencing all kinds of different matches he had throughout his career – some with 6-foot-5 big men like Blackjack Mulligan and Ernie Ladd, others with psychology-driven showmen like Ric Flair.

"A lot of guys would say, I want you to work my style," Steamboat said. "But I learned early on to adapt to their style because guys can't work my style if I was working my regular style of up-and-down and quick-and-fast and they just couldn't go the speed. So I learned early on to adjust to their style and I was able to do that, but at the same time, sprinkle in some Ricky Steamboat dust throughout those type of matches."

Steamboat, 69, will make his highly anticipated in-ring return this Sunday at Big Time Wrestling: Return of The Dragon, teaming with FTR and facing off against Jay Lethal, Arn Anderson's son Brock Anderson, and a mystery partner. The event will stream live on FITE.