Corey Graves Explains Why Survivor Series WarGames Will Be A 'Pivotal Night' For WWE

WWE Survivor Series WarGames will be a "pivotal night" for the company, according to commentator Corey Graves. The 36th annual event will culminate tomorrow night from Boston, Massachusetts, with a card full of new and returning faces looking to catapult their stock. However, the current lineup is missing some key talent due to injury, extended absences, and other circumstances.

"What we don't have at this particular juncture...are an overabundance of what I like to call 'star makers' in this business. When I say star makers, I mean established true superstars, elite level," Graves explained on WWE's "After The Bell." He continued to cite John Cena, Randy Orton, Charlotte Flair, and Edge as prime examples, as each performer is currently absent from WWE for various reasons.

While the Survivor Series card will feature some "star makers" like Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns, Graves believes this night will serve as an opportunity for the "overabundance" of newer faces to "step up" and "truly make believers out of the general WWE public." With the lack of more established talent "who can help make them or who can lend their name to make somebody new," Graves says that now is the time for people to "make their mark."

On the respective card, Graves revealed he "would dare say even IYO [Sky] and Dakota [Kai] are still on their way" to being at the "star maker" level. With Survivor Series WarGames looming though, now is the chance for Superstars alike to begin their own legacy.

As of this writing, the premium live event will feature two intense WarGames matches — a men's and a women's variation — and championship bouts for the United States and "SmackDown" Women's titles, as well as a singles match between AJ Styles and Finn Balor.