Sami Zayn Names Two Of The Best Things He's Done In Wrestling

2022 has been the year of Sami Zayn in the wrestling business, from an unforgettable WrestleMania encounter against Johnny Knoxville to becoming the Honorary Uce, Zayn has been a focal point in WWE storytelling. Those two storylines have taken him to a new level on the main roster, and he told "After The Bell" that they are "two of my favorite things that I have done in my career."

Even though Zayn has been in the business for 20 years, and a WWE Superstar for the last decade, it is only at this stage he has truly reached the next level as a character, and he finds similarities to Bret Hart

"It is funny how quick time flies, it is just funny to kind of be hitting my stride in a sense, now. I used to look at Bret Hart as an inspiration, for many things ... one of the things I always find remarkable is that I always thought Bret found his voice and his character and really hit his peak in 1997," Zayn said. "He was 40, he was 20-plus years into the game, he was born into the business and at 40 all of a sudden, he starts hitting his stride as a character."

While Zayn has always been booked well in WWE, from being the "WWE NXT" Champion to holding the Intercontinental Championship, there is certainly a difference right now which is being reflected in the fan response that he gets. 

"I always looked at that and thought, 'Well, there's really no time limit to when you really hit that part of your career.'" he said. "Bret was having great matches for example in the late 80s, early 90s all this stuff. But, as that marquee performer and a marquee character, he had already won the title five times."

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