Sami Zayn Comments On Finally Being Accepted By The Bloodline

WWE Survivor Series WarGames closed with the full embrace of Sami Zayn as a legitimate member of "The Bloodline," as the "Honorary Uce" took out his best friend Kevin Owens in the process to prove his loyalty. During the climax of the match, Zayn stopped the referee from counting three on "The Tribal Chief" after an Owens stunner, hitting his former best friend with a low blow and a "Helluva Kick," setting up Jey Uso, who's been at the center of his issues with the group for weeks, to land a splash on his fallen former friend for the victory. 

Not only did the show's ending prove Zayn's allegiance to the faction, but it also provided the end to his issues with Jey Uso, with the two embracing in the ring. During the show's Post-Show Press Conference, Zayn was asked whether this is the closest the faction has been; the tightest knit.

"I would say so," Zayn said. "Here's the thing, I feel like when it comes to online speculation, I've heard for months and months and months about how any day now, I'm going to Sami it up and the axe is bound to fall. I feel like I've been doubted by everyone, including the guy who is supposed to be my brother and my best friend in Kevin [Owens]. He was saying the same thing as these online communities, about how 'any day now this is what's going to happen.'"

The WWE superstar closed by stating that he "sincerely hopes" that the speculation about him being a true member of the group is put to an end, mentioning that people need to "finally see that not only" does Zayn fully accept The Bloodline, but that the group also "fully accepts me."