The Rock Repays Store He Used To Steal From 'EVERY DAY'

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is making amends –- one candy bar at a time.

The 10-time world champion and major Hollywood actor took to social media Sunday to share a video of him buying every Snickers bar at his old local 7-Eleven in order to make up for stealing so many during his youth. "When I was 14 years old, everyday I used to stop here at this 7-Eleven and steal a king-sized Snickers bar because I couldn't afford to buy one," Johnson said in the video, explaining that he would eat one as part of his pre-workout routine. The video shows Johnson buying every Snickers bar in the store while also paying for the customers who were in the shop at the time, racking up a nearly $300 bill.


"I finally [exorcized] this damn chocolate demon that's been gnawing at me for decades," he wrote alongside the video. "We were evicted from Hawaii in '87 and after all these years — I finally got back home to right this wrong."

Johnson explained that the same clerk would work the counter every day when he was a kid and "always just turned her head and never busted me." Feeling bad about it to this day, Johnson said "I always knew I needed to go in and clean out every Snickers bar they had — the right way."

Johnson's family struggled with poverty growing up and the future WWE star has said in the past that he was arrested "eight or nine times" before he turned 17, often for theft.

"We can't change the past and some of the dumb stuff we may have done, but every once in a while we can add a little redeeming grace note to that situation — and maybe put a big smile on some stranger's faces," Johnson concluded.