Kevin Nash Would Love To Own This Trademark

In professional wrestling, owning the trademark on a hot piece of intellectual property can be incredibly lucrative. Just look at how popular "Austin 3:16," Bullet Club or New World Order merchandise is, and it becomes clear just how valuable owning that IP can be. During a recent episode of "Kliq This," former WWE and WCW performer Kevin Nash spoke about which wrestling trademark he owns, and which he really would have liked to get ahold of.

After making the move over to WCW from WWE, Nash went from Diesel to Kevin Nash. The WWE Hall of Famer revealed that he kept the trademark to the Kevin Nash name even after returning to WWE upon their buyout of WCW. However, the company owns the rights to both Diesel as well as NWO. "The faction makes way more money than 'Kevin Nash' does," Nash said. "The NWO — that's the home run. If I could pick owning either the 'NWO' trademark, solely 100%, or owning 'Kevin Nash,' in the world of wrestling, I'd take the 'NWO.'"

There's no denying the NWO is still a hot property in professional wrestling to this day. The New World Order was a major part of the 1990s wrestling boom, and the faction was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame with the 2020 class. The group's merchandise is still a common sight among wrestling fans in crowds across the world. Earlier this year, founding member Scott Hall sadly passed away at the age of 63. Following the recent D-Generation X reunion, Nash opened up about potentially getting the NWO back together on WWE television, stating he would be open to the idea if the focus was put on the legacy of Hall.

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