Dexter Lumis' WWE Fate Decided On Raw

Last night on "WWE Raw" in Norfolk, Virginia, Dexter Lumis battled The Miz in a high-stakes "Anything Goes" match. The no rules bout, which at one point saw Miz attempt to squash the head of Lumis with a vise, ended with Lumis emerging triumphant; Lumis forced Miz to submit after applying a vise grip submission in the center of the ring, earning himself an official WWE contract and presumably ending the Miz/Lumis feud.

The encounter came about after Lumis began to torment Miz back in August, with it later being revealed that "The A-Lister" had in fact paid Lumis to attack him over several weeks to bring attention to himself. The revelation about Miz's actions occurred after he was exposed by Johnny Gargano, who sent a plant to go and meet the former WWE Champion with a hidden camera. The video of the meeting was later played to the world live on "Raw." After the truth was exposed, and it was revealed that Miz had stopped paying Lumis because of involvement for WWE and the authorities, the showdown clash was made between Miz and Lumis with the added stakes that If Lumis was able to defeat Miz, he would be awarded a WWE contract and Miz would be required to pay him the money he owed. Prior to the match, Miz was forced to head to the ring by WWE official Adam Pearce after initially attempting to worm his way out of facing the former "NXT" star. 

After signing his WWE contract at ringside, Lumis headed up the aisle with the bag of cash that Miz owed him and handed some notes out to fans. Despite Lumis' generosity, Miz attacked him and attempted to snatch the money back from the fans who had received the cash, until Gargano emerged and took Miz out.