Jessie Godderz Hopes To Compete In Cross-Promotional Rivalry Against WWE Or AEW

Jessie Godderz has been in the wrestling business for over 10 years, finding plenty of success in the tag team divisions of both OVW and TNA — now known as Impact Wrestling. Godderz currently wrestles for OVW, where he has won the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships seven times. In an interview with "PW Mania," Godderz discussed his feelings about his current run in OVW and if he would ever leave the promotion for an opportunity in WWE or AEW.


"I am VERY, VERY happy at OVW as THEE FACE of OVW," Godderz said. "We're now on the exact same level as AEW and WWE, so it would have to be a very good offer for me to consider it!"

Godderz also discussed his feelings about both WWE Head of Creative Triple H and AEW CEO Tony Khan and revealed if he would like to join either company. "I have the utmost respect for Triple H at WWE and Tony Khan at AEW," Godderz continued. [I] would be honored to join either promotion ... to hopefully represent OVW in a cross-promotional rivalry. And I would always be privileged and thrilled to make a guest appearance in either one."

OVW was once used as developmental for up-and-coming WWE stars, such as John Cena, Batista, and Brock Lesnar. However, WWE developmental has seen many changes over the years, with OVW becoming its own separate company.


For as long as he's been in the industry, Godderz has never stepped foot inside of a WWE ring; Impact Wrestling has been the biggest company he has wrestled for to date. Alongside Robbie E, he held the TNA World Tag Team Championships for 56 days back in 2014 before losing them to The Wolves.