Fuego Del Sol On How ROH TV Could Help 'Good Problem' AEW Has

Since Tony Khan purchased ROH in March, the AEW owner has been desperately trying to petition for the ROH brand to get a television deal on which weekly content can be broadcast. Although he's been unsuccessful in that attempt so far, Khan has decided to feature ROH matches on AEW programming, with the brand's champions having wrestled dozens of title matches on AEW shows and pay-per-views.


With the AEW boss still looking for a landing spot for ROH, many within the company are also hoping for the same, with AEW star Fuego Del Sol echoing that sentiment during an interview with "The AJ Awesome Show." "I feel like that will open up the door for a lot more guys to have a lot more opportunities to show what we have," Del Solo said. "The AEW roster is stacked right now, we have so many great guys. Guys are chomping at the bit for any bit of TV time and match time that they can get."

"For us to develop and go forward, I can't wait to see what the next year holds for AEW and ROH together because I think it's going to help shape wrestling in a different way and we're going to see a lot more stories. It's a credit to the roster that we have developed, incredible guys, veteran guys that have been doing it for nearly 30 years when you look at a guy like Chris Jericho." The AEW superstar continued to talk about the depth of the roster, stating that it's a "good problem to have" when you have a roster as stacked as they do. Del Sol stated that he'd much rather have too much "good talent than not enough," detailing how he's excited about his future with AEW and what the future holds for the company as well.