Tony Nese Names His Least Favorite Pro Wrestling Chants

Like everything else in life, professional wrestling has phrases, terms, chants, or "buzz words" if you will that have perhaps worn out their welcome, whether it's "this is awesome" or that one word used to describe great matches that rhymes with "hanger." But for AEW star Tony Nese, there are two chants fans have that he can't stand.

What are these chants you may ask? Never fear; Nese was more than happy to share which ones during his appearance on AEW Unrestricted.

"My two least favorite chants in wrestling is 'fight forever' or 'both these guys,'" Nese said. "It's not a knock on anyone who gets that chant. But in my opinion, now you don't care who wins. And I want people to literally want me to lose. I love the hate that I get a lot of times from people, especially on Twitter. They hate me. So when I see that, it's job well done. I want people to absolutely despise my existence on the show.

"My wife's a casual fan. She just watches because I watch. And every time Vickie Guerrero comes out with 'Excuse me!', my wife is always like 'God, I cannot stand this lady. Someone, please shut her up.' But that's it. That's the reaction you want. I want people to always say 'Please, someone just put Tony Nese out of his misery.' That's the reaction I always go for."

Fans did get to see Nese put out of his misery in his most recent appearance on AEW TV. Along with Varsity Athletes partner Josh Woods, Nese came up short against AEW World Tag Team Champions The Acclaimed on the October 21 episode of "AEW Rampage." 

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