Eric Bischoff Wanted Wrestler Named 'Syzz' That Would've Been Like AEW Star

The 'airport test' is a phrase often used in professional wrestling to describe stars that will catch the eyes of those who know nothing about the business, and people who fall into that category are typically tall and in great shape. Those wrestlers often look like stars, and few people do that better right now than AEW's Jade Cargill, which is something that Eric Bischoff wanted to have in WCW. 


He revealed on the latest "After 83 Weeks" how he hoped to sign a "big, jacked up, beautiful," wrestler that he described as someone who looked like Cargill but bigger.

"I wanted pro volleyball material, I wanted big, but jacked up. I wanted to call her Syzz, and her tagline would be, 'cause size does matter.' I thought it would be awesome, and I actually found the girl," he said. "She came in right towards the end with me in '99 ... I saw this girl, she was a bodybuilder, absolutely beautiful, I talked to her and she was a pretty good athlete, and she was excited about getting into pro wrestling."

At the time, a character like that would have been ideal for WCW in terms of countering Chyna, who was dominating in WWE as part of D-Generation X. While Bischoff confessed his idea was something Vince Russo may have done, things did come close for the Syzz character.


"I think we were just kind of getting her into the Power Plant or getting her some training ... I went away and ultimately so did she, she was a victim," Bischoff said.

Bischoff was let go from his role as president of WCW in 1999 but had plans to return and buy the company in 2001

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