Sami Zayn Gives His Thoughts On MJF

Sami Zayn has a list of wrestlers he'd like to work with sometime down the line, and that includes some names outside of the WWE locker room.

"MJF pops to mind, I think he's very talented," Zayn told Peter Rosenberg on the "Cheap Heat" podcast. Zayn and MJF have widely been credited as two of the best all-around wrestling characters on television in 2022 by fans and wrestling critics, and both have been heavily involved in the championship pictures of their respective companies, though in very different roles — Zayn has proved himself to be a loyal ally of Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, while MJF recently won the AEW World Heavyweight Championship.


But "The Salt of the Earth" isn't the only prominent AEW star Zayn would interested in meeting in the ring

"[Dante Martin is] just a really great high flyer, and it kind of reminds me a lot of the matches I would have on the independents with guys who were really good high flyers," Zayn said. "So, just strictly based on in-ring, if we were working an indie in front of 300 people, that'd be automatic."

The Bloodline's "Honorary Uce" added that "a lot of it is guys that I've worked with before that I just miss and I would love to work with again," naming "Kenny Omega, just as an example." Zayn added that he hasn't seen Omega since December 2012, adding, "I miss him and I miss working him."

"He was a lot like me, I thought," Zayn said. "Very detail-oriented."