Renee Paquette Addresses Possible Involvement In Jon Moxley's AEW Storylines

Renee Paquette joined AEW in October after two years away from television. She left WWE in 2020 after an eight-year run there and eventually welcomed her first child into the world alongside her husband Jon Moxley. Since joining AEW in 2019, Moxley has become a three-time world champion and is often in the main event scene. Now that Paquette has joined the company, fans are curious if and when the couple will share screen time again. The backstage interviewer recently appeared on the "Sports Media" podcast and addressed the burning question.


"We've definitely not had that conversation," Paquette revealed. "Jon and I haven't spoken about it. Tony [Khan] and I haven't spoken about it. But, I'm sure Jon would agree with this, his character is so lone wolf, does his own thing, walks to the beat of his own drum. I think me adding a layer to that is not something that he needs." Paquette noted that fans are aware that they are married in real life, and she doesn't believe it's something that needs to be portrayed on screen. If there is a moment where they interact on television, whether it's for a backstage interview or otherwise, she wants it to be special.

"I just don't really see that being a thing that he needs, especially with the style that Jon wrestles," Paquette said. "There's not really a lot of room for me to go out there. And what am I gonna add to that? Jon's such a great performer with everything that he does. Adding me in there just muddies that storyline, I think."