Booker T Addresses Possible Entry In WWE Royal Rumble

Booker T will be waiting by his phone until the day of the Royal Rumble. As WWE's marquee battle royal event looms around the corner, rumors have started to swirl online about potential surprises for the men's and women's Royal Rumble matches. And with Booker T recently announcing his in-ring return for Reality of Wrestling, the WWE Hall of Famer's name has been near the top of many fans' wishlists. On the most recent episode of his "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker T admitted the Royal Rumble match is at the top of his wishlist too.

"I will be checking the mail everyday all the way up until that day, because if I get an invitation I'm definitely going to execute it, I'm definitely going to be there and I'm going to be prepared to be in the middle of the ring if that happens," Booker T said, after co-host Brad Gilmore asked him whether he has received a concrete offer from WWE about making a return. "But no, nobody's talked to me or anything like that about being in the Rumble. I don't have any itches to scratch or anything like that, but hey man, I'm always down." Booker T confirmed last week that he will make his in-ring return for ROW at its Christmas Chaos event on December 18. On Monday's podcast, the wrestler said his phone has been ringing "off the hook" from promoters offering him matches since his announcement.

While he has no interest in wrestling anywhere but ROW for now, Booker said he'd make an exception for WWE — a company he hasn't wrestled for since 2012. He also confirmed WWE has made him recent offers, but "at that time, circumstances just weren't right," although he went on to hint that he would be up for a big payday at one of WWE's Saudi Arabia events.

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