Jeff Jarrett Defends AEW Using Bow Wow In Storyline

Celebrity involvement in wrestling may sometimes frustrate the ardent fan, but Jeff Jarrett knows how valuable it can be to the industry. WWE just saw Logan Paul make waves taking on Roman Reigns in Saudi Arabia, and one of the latest celebrities to show up in AEW is Bow Wow. The rapper has cultivated an ongoing grudge with TBS Champion Jade Cargill. Jarrett who is a recent AEW hire, is no stranger to all types of celebrities stepping foot onto the canvas.

"Here's the cool part that I really think — is Bad Bunny for everybody? No. Is Shaq on TV for everybody? No, " Jarrett said to co-host Conrad Thompson on the latest episode of "My World with Jeff Jarrett." He included Bow Wow on that list too. "Rob Gronkowski or whatever pop culture figure, Logan Paul, whatever it may be. They bring eyeballs and so they may bring a massive amount of eyeballs, if we get a small amount of a percentage to hang around and convert them, it's such a win."

Jarrett hails from the Memphis territory, which was run by his father Jerry Jarrett. Memphis is arguably the promotion that put celebrities in wrestling on the map by incorporating Andy Kaufman into a major feud with Jerry "The King" Lawler. Kaufman continued to be involved in the territory all the way up until his death in 1984. His involvement in Memphis ended up paving the way for celebrities in wrestling to become more mainstream, but it's Jarrett who makes a strong distinction regarding his craft. "Pro wrestling/sports entertainment, it isn't 'in-and-out' of pop culture, it is pop culture."

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