Insight Into Heat Between Ric Flair And Eric Bischoff

Don't expect Ric Flair to be sending any gifts to Eric Bischoff for the holidays this year, as more than little heat is simmering between them.

What sparked this situation? In an exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, wrestling-focused podcaster Conrad Thompson traced some of the spat to comments made by Bischoff for Peacock's new documentary – "Woooooo! Becoming Ric Flair" — that premieres on December 26.


"When I asked Eric about it, he didn't remember what he said in the documentary," Thompson stated. "But Ric said on the podcast that Eric said something on the documentary that when he saw it back, pissed him off." Tomlinson pointed out this was not the first time Flair has taken umbrage over others' remarks; the ESPN "30 For 30" documentary from several years ago proved to be a sticking point for the "Nature Boy."

But Thompson added that Flair's unhappiness with Bischoff could be traced further back to his halcyon days in the ring. "I know that Ric has let it slip on our podcast a few times that he feels like he wasn't appreciated in WCW the way a Hulk Hogan or Randy Savage or what have you were," he said. "Where in his mind's eye, those guys came in, made more money, and he was asked to put them over. And of course, that's just the nature of the business, but Ric certainly feels a certain type of way about it and has some animosity towards Eric."