Ronda Rousey Explains DDT Botch From WWE Survivor Series Match

There are times when a planned move or spot inside the squared circle cannot be executed as hoped; take Brock Lesnar's botched Shooting Star Press at WrestleMania 19, or the ladder spot that almost took off Joey Mercury's nose at Armageddon 2006. In a more recent occurrence, during Ronda Rousey's "SmackDown" Women's Championship defense against Shotzi at Survivor Series WarGames, "The Baddest Woman on the Planet" blocked a DDT from Shotzi on the apron, which resulted in the challenger falling awkwardly to the floor. To provide an explanation, Rousey indicated that the uncomfortable incident, which received an adverse response from fans, was simply about protecting her opponent.


"I actually pitched that spot because I've loved that she does that," Rousey said on her YouTube channel. "We couldn't practice it in my ring because my ropes were too loose. And then we couldn't practice it when we got to the arena because there was these big cages ... It's the first time I ever did it. I was really concerned with keeping Shotzi safe, and I made it look bad."

Rousey performed inside a WWE ring for the first time at WrestleMania 34, successfully teaming up with WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. The former UFC star would go on to win the "Raw" Women's Championship at SummerSlam 2018. After losing the title at WrestleMania 35 and taking a hiatus, Rousey returned to win the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble match and later became a two-time "SmackDown" Women's Champion; she is currently in her second reign. 


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