Former WWE Official Wasn't A Fan Of Recent Ronda Rousey Title Defense

Ronda Rousey's successful WWE SmackDown Women's Championship defense at Survivor Series: WarGames this past weekend kind of got overshadowed, both by other matches on the show and by the former wrestler WWE brought in to produce said match. Some did take notice of the match, and in regards to former WWE official Jimmy Korderas, not in a good way.


In an interview with Wrestling Inc.'s Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, Korderas tried to put his finger on what exactly went wrong between Rousey and her opponent, Shotzi, this past Saturday night.

"I don't know, something just didn't click," Korderas said. "It didn't feel like these women connected very well together. We talked about this on the post-show, with Justin LaBar and Jack Farmer, on Saturday night, Ronda just doesn't seem comfortable in her heel role, or heel persona. It doesn't feel genuine. 

"Austin Theory, or somebody like that, you feel like it's genuine. You feel like that's the guy. With Ronda, it feels like she's playing heel wrestling. It just doesn't feel authentic. Obviously, I don't like matches that look overly choreographed. At the same time, there weren't botches, but things were not smooth."


Even if the match won't go down as the Toyota-Shimoda bout of Rousey's career, the former UFC star has still enjoyed a rather successful 2022, having won the SmackDown Women's Title twice this year, with two successful defenses during this second reign. As of this writing, Rousey has held the title for 51 days; she will officially pass her first reign as SmackDown Women's Champion, at 55 days, after this week's episode of "Friday Night SmackDown" on, you guessed it, Friday.