Roman Reigns Reportedly Upset With Kevin Owens After WWE WarGames Match

WWE Survivor Series WarGames saw the end of the dissension between The Bloodline, as Sami Zayn showed his loyalty to the group, turning on his former best friend Kevin Owens in the process, leaving way for Jey Uso to earn the victory in the match. Although the ending of the match seemed to go off without a hitch to fans watching the shows close, according to Fightful Select, that wasn't necessarily the case.


Before the match's final sequence, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Owens trade blows with each other, with Fightful reporting that there was an "unplanned spot" involved in their battle that made "The Tribal Chief" upset. According to Fightful, Reigns walked backstage after the match complaining about a possible "ruptured ear drum," furious with how the spot didn't happen the way it was supposed to, detailing that Reign's issue was "expletive-filled."

Although Fightful did describe the situation as an issue between Reigns and Owens, the report did suggest that there wouldn't be any "extended heat" involved, calling it more of a "heat of the moment" situation. With two of WWE's biggest stars involved in the discrepancy, it's also being reported that there was no physical reaction from either superstar and that many involved in the situation "expected the two to be able to coexist for work purposes."


Following the issue, neither Reigns nor Owens would make an appearance during WWE's Post Show Press Conference, with Fightful stating that this was "planned." The press conference only saw Zayn appear alongside Paul Heyman from the Men's WarGames match, with Zayn continuing to reiterate his allegiance to The Bloodline, putting to rest any rumor that the group will sour on his involvement in the faction.