Ronda Rousey Recalls Screw-Up That Made Her Cringe

Ronda Rousey is owning up to one moment from her professional wrestling career that still makes her "cringe." On her latest YouTube stream, the "SmackDown" Women's Champion was laughing off comments from viewers who teased her about a widely shared botch she had during her recent Survivor Series match with Shotzi when she admitted there's still one in-ring miscue that still bugs her to this day.


During her title defense against Shotzi at last month's Survivor Series pay-per-view, Rousey screwed up a move with Shotzi when her opponent went to give her a DDT on the apron, but the champion didn't follow through. She explained Tuesday that was a result of her trying to keep Shotzi safe, because they weren't able to fully practice the spot beforehand.

"I'm going to take this DDT better than anyone on the f***ing Earth some other time," she laughed. "I'm going to spike my head, do a f***ing breakdance spin, and then land face first onto the mat. And while I'm bleeding out onto the ground, I'm going to be like, 'Are you not entertained?!' "

But she revealed that's not the move that still haunts her to this day. "The only botch I ever cringe at is when I missed slapping Ruby Riott, and WWE made reaction videos of everyone reacting, like, 'Oh my god, Ronda messed something up. Let's all react and laugh and make a big deal out of it,'" she said. "Like, Jesus. You guys looking a little bored? Need something to talk about? Gotta sh*t all over my tan suit?"


Rousey said that "that's what it's f***ing like being me, though, when you're committed to excellence and being perfect. The second that you're not perfect, everyone's going to lose their goddamn mind," the champion stated.