Classified Documents Found Alongside Wrestling Belts In Donald Trump's Storage Unit

Pro wrestling has once again crept its way into political news on Wednesday when it was reported that classified documents found in a storage unit belonging to former President and WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump were located next to a number of personal items, including championship wrestling belts.

The Justice Department is investigating Trump's handling of classified documents, including an FBI raid in August that led to authorities discovering more than 300 classified documents removed from the White House after he left office in 2021, according to The New York Times. There is no word on which championship belts were in Trump's possession.

After the raid at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida, a federal judge told Trump to search his properties for other potential classified documents, leading the former president to hire a team to do so, according to The Times.

The Washington Post then reported Wednesday that Trump's team found additional classified documents in a storage unit used by the president in West Palm Beach, Florida.

According to The Post, "a person familiar with the matter" said that the storage unit where classified documents were found had random personal items including "suits and swords and wrestling belts and all sorts of things" in it.

Trump's involvement with professional wrestling is a long and storied one. The former president was once involved in a WWE storyline feud with former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon leading up to WrestleMania 23 in a match dubbed the "Battle of the Billionaires." WrestleMania IV and WrestleMania V were both sponsored by Trump, taking place near the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Trump was inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame in 2013.