Tony Khan Discusses Plan To Turn Around AEW Rampage Viewership

It's no secret that "AEW Rampage" has been in a bit of a slump as of late, particularly in the ratings department. While viewership doesn't determine the quality of the show, it is still a important barometer for success, and following the record low that was last week's episode of "Rampage", people are wondering what can be done to fix the show. Those on hand were wondering that today at the ROH Final Battle media call too, which saw AEW and ROH owner Tony Khan asked about his plan to turn "Rampage" around. Khan had the following to say.

"I definitely am looking to put strong matches on Rampage," Khan said. "I think we'll have a big card this week. With the depth of the roster, I think it's a time for me to really put all hands on deck to put the strongest shows I can on Friday. And I always try to listen to the feedback from the fans, so going forward, I'm going to try to put things on the Friday show that I think will have the best chance to bring in that audience."

This is not the first time Khan has touched upon "Rampage's" ongoing rating struggles. The AEW boss was previously asked about improving viewership on Friday nights back in September, during the media call for AEW All Out. Khan's answer back then echoed several of the same points he made today. As of this writing, no matches for this Friday's episode of "Rampage" have been announced, making it unknown what the "big card" that Khan refers to will consist of. However, it's likely some matches will be announced during tonight's "AEW Dynamite" broadcast.