Jamie Noble Has A Unique Pet

Jamie Noble has been busy training for his in-ring return recently, but he's also had another project on his hands: a baby raccoon.

Noble, who's currently a WWE producer, announced last month that he'll return to a WWE ring on December 11 at a live event in Charleston, West Virginia. The former ROH World Champion and longtime WWE competitor insinuated it would be his final match, having retired in 2009 due to a back injury.

But in a new WWE interview, announcer Byron Saxton wanted to first clear the air on another recent development in Noble's life: the raccoon he adopted in May. "Can you tell me about, um, apparently a raccoon that you adopted?" Saxton asked.

Noble lit up at the question and said "everybody loves the raccoon."

"So, I had some raccoons in my attic and we went up there to kind of see what was going on," Noble explained. "It was a mom and it had some little babies and I accidentally chased it out when I got up there fooling around and the mom left and it left one of the little pups behind, and next thing I know it's there and we adopted it. So now we've got a baby raccoon."Noble laughed, saying the raccoon is "a handful and he's a mess."

Noble's return will take place at the Charleston Civic Center, where he attended wrestling events as a child throughout the late 1970s and 1980s. "I'm super excited," he said, adding that his body is feeling "good" and has been training for his in-ring return for a while now. "It's obviously rough getting used to going at it," he said, adding, "It's been challenging but I feel like I'm there."