Flip Gordon Comments On Possibly Signing With AEW Or WWE

Flip Gordon has been among the most prolific wrestlers on the independent scene, turning up over the years in multiple promotions. But on a new episode of "UnSKripted," he was asked about the prospect of settling down and signing with WWE, AEW, or even NWA.


"I would love to go to all three," said Gordon, hinting that he had a preference among those three options -– although he didn't divulge which one piqued his interest the most. "I love that there are so many options in wrestling right now," he continued, noting that he has been a free agent since concluding his Ring of Honor contract in April "and I'm still making a living as a professional wrestler."

Gordon, whose next gig is on a wrestling card in Costa Rica, cited the merchandise aspects of wrestling and his behind-the-scenes consulting as benefits for his independence within the industry, and he urged other wrestlers to look beyond the confines of a long-term contract.

"I think a lot of these guys get so submerged in the wrestling aspect, they forget that it's a business, and I'm a businessman first," he said. "When it comes to those three companies or Impact or Ring of Honor or New Japan Pro-Wrestling, AAA, CMLL, NOAH -– there are many great, great companies out there right now that are paying good money." Gordon also stressed that working independently frees him from the stress of being viewed by television audiences with a penchant for criticizing wrestlers on social media.