WWE Recreates Attitude Era Moment With Kurt Angle And Gable Steveson

Fellow Olympic Gold Medalists Kurt Angle and Gable Steveson recreated an iconic Attitude Era moment on the 12/9 "WWE SmackDown," hosing down Alpha Academy with milk as part of Angle's birthday celebration segment.

The segment began with Angle stepping out to the ring to a rousing ovation from his hometown fans in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania until Alpha Academy interrupted Angle and bashed the WWE Hall of Famer for not inviting them to his birthday celebration. Chad Gable then referred to Angle as "petty" and noted that Angle had lost two of his three I's – integrity and intensity – and would be wise to keep his last shred of intelligence by getting out of the ring. Gable also made it clear that Otis was going to eat all of Angle's birthday cake, as he once again urged the legendary wrestler to leave the ring.

Angle obliged and began walking up the ramp, but then stopped on stage and had a message for Alpha Academy.

"I'll tell you what – if you're gonna eat all that cake, you're gonna need a lot of milk," Angle told Gable and Otis.

At this point, Steveson came riding down on a milk truck, which Angle hopped onto. Once the truck reached the ringside area, Steveson and Angle initially started throwing milk from cartons, until they upped the ante and pulled out a milk gun. With Otis and Gable doused in milk, Steveson and Angle chugged milk in the ring as "WWE SmackDown" went off the air. 

After the show, Triple H and the rest of the WWE locker room celebrated Angle's birthday in the ring, as seen in the video below.

Earlier in the show, Steveson teased his debut match against Braun Strowman during a backstage confrontation with The Monster of All Monsters but was non-commital to joining the blue brand. He was originally drafted to the "Raw" brand last year. According to Fightful Select, Steveson is nearing his in-ring debut and will be making more televised appearances going forward. The 22-year-old wrestler had reportedly halted his training to be a WWE superstar after undergoing a procedure to correct Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, a rare heart condition. He resumed his training in October at WWE's Performance Center, working with former WWE star Ken Anderson, as well as participating in practice matches.