Behind-The-Scenes News Regarding Plans For Kurt Angle's Birthday Celebration On WWE SmackDown

Much like pro wrestling weddings, pro wrestling birthday celebrations are the sort of thing that always leads to some hijinx or shenanigans. So if you're Kurt Angle, who will be celebrating his 54th birthday tonight on "WWE SmackDown" – in his hometown of Pittsburgh no less — the odds seem pretty high that you'll see some tomfoolery before the night is over.


In fact, Fightful Select seems to all but confirm so, as a whole lot of milk, a milk truck, and a massive cake was all on the docket for Angle's birthday celebration as of last night. That would seem to suggest that Angle's birthday celebration will be the latest to have someone with a face full of cake by the end. After all, it's not like anyone expects the cake to get eaten.

Perhaps more interesting than the cake will be the callback to the milk truck, which Angle has a bit of history with. The WWE Hall of Famer famously drove a milk truck down to the ring during a 2001 episode of "Raw," interrupting a ceremony held by then-WWE Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and The Alliance. Angle would drink milk in a style similar to how Austin threw back cans of beer and sprayed Austin and his group with a milk hose, echoing the famous Attitude Era segment involving Austin, Vince McMahon, and a whole lot of beer.


In addition to the cake, milk, and truck, Angle's birthday celebration may also feature the first WWE appearance of Gable Steveson in many months. The highly touted WWE prospect had been spotted in Pittsburgh ahead of tonight's show, suggesting his presence may be in the cards.