Result Of Claudio Castagnoli Vs Chris Jericho At ROH Final Battle

The feud between members of the Blackpool Combat Club and The Jericho Appreciation Society is one of the longest ongoing rivalries in AEW and ROH. The storyline manifested in various ways during ROH Final Battle 2022, including the main event between Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Jericho for the ROH World Championship. It was an impressive display for both competitors as they executed signature moves and impressive counters to one another, but when the dust settled, Castagnoli defeated Jericho and regained his ROH World title. 

The finish was a shocker and likely something audiences have never seen before –- Castagnoli used the Big Swing, where he holds his opponent's feet and swings them around over and over. This time, however, he did it so much that he won the match by submission. Around the 30th rotation, Jericho tapped out and the show ended with Castagnoli celebrating his ROH World title victory.

During the match, JAS members Matt Menard and Angelo Parker ran down to the ring and distracted the referee long enough for Jericho to use a bat on Castagnoli. Obviously, it wasn't effective enough to end things -– their efforts didn't stop "The Swiss Superman" from regaining the gold. Wheeler Yuta represented BCC in a positive light, as well, regaining his ROH Pure Championship by defeating Daniel Garcia via knockout earlier in the night. Yuta appeared after Castagnoli's victory and the two men celebrated with ROH legend Jerry Lynn.

Final Battle was a show full of championship changes; Athena became the new ROH Women's World Champion, The Embassy became the new ROH World Six-Man Champions, and The Briscoes became the new ROH World Tag Team Champions. The only person who retained their title was Samoa Joe with the ROH World Television Championship.