Cathy Kelley Explains WWE Exit

From top to bottom, there have been a ton of changes in WWE this year. One area that received a fairly large shake-up is the broadcast team. Back in October 2022, all three shows and Premium Live Events saw a return to a two-man commentary team after the departure of Jimmy Smith from "Raw" and Pat McAfee's temporary sabbatical from "Smackdown" in order to work with ESPN. 


In addition to some shuffling around the announce booths, the interviewers were thrown into the mix as well. In Cathy Kelley's case, she was added to "WWE Raw" after a nearly three-year hiatus from the company. But what exactly was she up to when she was gone? The beloved backstage personality recently shed some light on that topic.

After leaving in early 2020, Kelley had a ton of aspirations for her career. In an interview with Maria Menounos, the backstage correspondent and host shared that she intended to finally tackle a number of projects such as acting, writing a screenplay, executive producing a show, and more. Well, she did get to do some of that during her time away. While speaking to Kristian Harloff on "The Big Thing", the former "AfterBuzz TV" host revealed that she got to write screenplays for a feature and some pilots, as well as some treatments for other projects. Due to the time-consuming nature of work like that, it would have been difficult to juggle screenwriting on that level with her time on the road for WWE.


Kelley also mentioned that she kept in constant contact with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon after she left. When it seemed like things were winding down for her outside of WWE, they were ready to welcome her back with open arms when the time was right.