Bayley Asks Santa To Give Michael Cole A Terrible Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year. The holidays are upon us, and the world of professional wrestling is feeling the joy — at least most of the wrestling community, as one popular women's star is feeling more like Scrooge.  


Bayley shared a video on her Twitter account where she's sitting on Santa's lap and sharing her holiday wishlist, where she references current WWE commentator Michael Cole. "I've got a wish for you, okay? Michael Cole. Can you put some coal in his stocking, can you get him some new glasses, can you get him a new voice because his voice is annoying, and could you maybe get him a new job? I know that's a lot, but you're Santa! Thank you so much," she said while hugging Jolly Ol' Saint Nick goodbye.

Bayley teasing and mocking Michael Cole has been an ongoing storyline that began during the ThunderDome era of WWE, and she even ridiculed him when Pat McAfee left WWE. It was a unique and comical way for Bayley to differentiate herself from others on the roster. Though it's not as common now since Cole is part of "WWE SmackDown" and Bayley is on "WWE Raw," she still finds the occasional opportunity to poke fun at the Vice President of Announcing.


Bayley's currently got her hands full with several rivals and intersecting stories developing around her. She is set to face Alexa Bliss in a #1 contender's match for the "Raw" Women's Championship this Monday on "Raw," and also has a developing feud with Becky Lynch which has got a storied history behind it, as the two are part of the "Four Horsewomen" of WWE.