Eric Bischoff Believes There Are Indications AEW Is A 'Vanity Project'

Former WCW Senior Vice President Eric Bischoff is not one to hold back his opinion. In recent times, Bischoff has used his "83 Weeks" podcast to express his feelings about the wrestling industry, especially his thoughts about AEW CEO Tony Khan. The 67-year-old has now opened up about the possibility of AEW being a vanity project. 

"There are indications that make me believe that's true, but I'm not there, I'm not behind the scenes," Bischoff said on the "83 Weeks" podcast. "I think, you know, obvious things that make me think it is [a vanity project], is some of the things that Tony has come out and said ... I think Tony is, to a degree, living a childhood dream, and there's nothing wrong with that if you have the ability to do it, provided that you're looking beyond just your own satisfaction of being in a business that you've always been a fan of since you were a little kid."

Khan first founded AEW in January 2019. The promotion's inaugural event, Double or Nothing, took place four months later in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since its inception, AEW have become the second-largest wrestling promotion in the United States, behind WWE. During Khan's reign as AEW's head honcho, the company has managed to tempt former WWE Champions such as Bryan Danielson (formerly Daniel Bryan in WWE), Chris Jericho, and CM Punk to join the ranks while developing their own talent, including Maxwell Jacob Friedman, who is the current reigning AEW World Champion. 

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