Bullet Club Leader Praises The O.C. In WWE

Bullet Club has seen its fair share of members rotating through its ranks over the years, but Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows have always been seen as core parts of it; Anderson was one of its founding members back in 2013. However, Gallows and Anderson currently represent The O.C. in WWE with longtime friend AJ Styles also in the fold, but the duo has enjoyed two distinct runs with Bullet Club during their stints in NJPW.

The Good Brothers, as they've become known, made their surprise return to WWE in October, and since then, have had plenty to say about their status in NJPW, leading to current Bullet Club kingpin Jay White labeling them "sh**-stirrers" in a new interview with "Fightful." However, that term of endearment also came with a great deal of respect for what Gallows and Anderson have accomplished over the years. "Some people, they like to stay a little bit narrow-minded and just like to look at some things and complain ... They don't realize that the things they have and love in wrestling, they wouldn't have it without the likes of Karl Anderson and Gallows," he said.

With The O.C. adding Mia Yim to the group in recent months, that has led some fans to wonder if her inclusion there also puts her up for membership in Bullet Club. White admitted that "they don't really need to run too much sh** by me" when asked about it. "Are they really going to listen to me in terms of something like that? Probably f***ing not," he said. "Do they listen to many people? Probably f***ing not ... With things like this, if it's working, you guys go do your thing. Too sweet, boys."

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