Scarlett Bordeaux Was Incredibly Upset About WWE Creative Decision

Scarlett Bordeaux and Karrion Kross were one of the hottest acts coming out of "WWE NXT" in 2021. Bourdeaux was an integral part of Kross's presentation and success. She accompanied him during his entrance and matches, which made them a dominant force in "NXT." But when they received their main roster call-up and Kross debuted on "WWE Raw," Bordeaux was nowhere to be seen. Fans of the duo were shocked at the change, and according to Kross, Bordeaux was not happy about the situation either.


"She was incredibly upset because it was expressed to her that they had absolute, total interest in bringing her up and it was expressed to her that we were gonna be going up together from multiple branches of management," Kross told Peter Rosenberg on the "Cheap Heat" podcast.

Kross's presentation changed dramatically. The past WWE regime did away with Bordeaux and the black and white entrance and instead, put the former "NXT" Champion in a mask and leather strap vest. While this is not how either individual wanted their main roster run to look, they were still optimistic.

"But her and I are very solution-based people and we try not to like avoid the realities of situations but we acknowledge them and we try to do the best we can with what we have and so we're just kind of gritting our teeth like 'Hey this is just for now, not forever. Let's bring our best foot forward, bring our best energy into this, and let's try to kill this and do this better than anyone else can.'"


Now, Kross is back on the WWE main roster, this time with Bordeaux back by his side – the way they believe it should've been.