Konnan Did Not Like Top WWE Star's Promo Work With The Bloodline

One top star didn't deliver as solid a promo as he usually does before he was written off WWE television earlier this month, according to wrestling veteran Konnan. During a recent episode of the "Keepin' It 100" show with Konnan and his on-air partner Disco Inferno, the former WCW wrestler said it was a "surprise" that on last week's December 5 edition of "WWE Raw," Matt Riddle delivered what he thought to be a lackluster promo.

"I just thought that usually considering who was in the ring the mic work was not good, which was a surprise," Konnan said while recapping that week's episode of "Raw." Riddle went on to have a 14-minute match with The Usos, alongside tag team partner Kevin Owens, before The Bloodline's Solo Sikoa interrupted and attacked Riddle following his and Owens' losing effort. The attack from Sikoa, which saw the Simoan enforcer deliver a number of hip attacks on Riddle while his head was locked up in a chair, ultimately led to Riddle's hospitalization — in kayfabe. WWE later announced Riddle would be off television for at least six weeks, while insider reports later suggested Riddle's absence could be because of a failed drug test behind the scenes.

While the promo didn't do it for Konnan, the former NWO member said he thought Riddle's match was "good." "They made Solo Sikoa look like a beast, because he took out Elias earlier and then he just destroyed Riddle," Konnan said, before adding, "Riddle's got to have heat, bro. There's no other top guy that gets treated like this." On the most recent episode of "Raw," Elias held a "tribute concert" for Riddle, further cementing that he will be taking some time off.

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