Booker T Addresses Decision To Put WWE NXT Tag Titles On The New Day

The New Day recently became Triple Crown Tag Team Champions following their tag team title win at the "NXT" Deadline show. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston dethroned Pretty Deadly's Elton Prince and Kit Wilson to become the new "WWE NXT" Tag Team Champions. They've now won the "NXT," "WWE Raw," and "WWE SmackDown" tag team titles.

Many fans reveled in the New Day's title win, but one WWE Hall of Famer was not in favor of it. On a recent episode of "The Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker T explained why he didn't agree with the decision. "They should've won, they were the most experienced team out there, and one guy was a former WWE Champion. One guy was an 11-time tag team champion. These guys, they never should have been in that match," he said.

Kingston and Woods had five more years of exposure on WWE television as a team when compared to Pretty Deadly, and The New Day has collected numerous championships on the main roster, both in singles and tag team wrestling. Pretty Deadly, on the other hand, arrived at WWE's "NXT UK" brand in 2019, before transitioning to the USA-based "NXT" in April 2022, later becoming two-time "NXT" Tag Team Champions.

According to Booker T, The New Day's win was not legitimate. "[Pretty Deadly] shouldn't have never been in the ring with a team like The New Day. It should have been with someone in 'NXT,' an even challenge. As far as I'm concerned, that was an illegitimate win [for the New Day]. They should reverse it. It's almost like a pro team, their playbook, taking on a high school team or a college team in their playbook," he said.

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