LA Knight Recalls WWE NXT Angle That Was 'Pretty Wild'

"WWE SmackDown" superstar LA Knight has recalled a surreal angle he was part of on the "WWE NXT" brand. Knight had been feuding with Cameron Grimes on WWE's developmental brand. WWE Hall of Famer "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase was also involved, which led to Knight winning the Million Dollar Championship. Knight ended up turning on Dibiase, and ultimately lost the title to Grimes. Knight was recently interviewed by USA Insider, and he reflected on that storyline involving Dibiase's prized possession.


"I mean bringing back Ted Dibiase's Million Dollar Championship ... I mean that's crazy! It's a championship that only what, maybe five or six guys in total have ever held and now you're being told that it's going to be introduced and up for grabs — that was pretty wild. Then you go into the fall and the winter and all of a sudden the crowd is starting to jump on my side. It was just a good, amazing ride. It was quick, it was only a year, but man, "NXT" is something I'm going to remember for a long time."

Knight held onto the Million Dollar Championship for 70 days. Shortly after Grimes defeated Knight to capture the gold, he returned the title to Dibiase. While Dibiase initially appeared to give the title back to Grimes, it ended up being a replica off WWE Shop. The championship hasn't been used on WWE TV since 2021. These days, Knight finds himself feuding with Bray Wyatt on the blue brand. While their match hasn't been made official, it's the direction WWE seems to be heading in.