MJF Discusses Differences Between He And UFC's Paddy Pimblett

AEW World Champion MJF is not lacking in acid-tongued opinions, and one of the latest targets of his harsh putdowns is British UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett.

A Sports Illustrated profile of MJF noted that the wrestler was cageside last Saturday for UFC 282 in Las Vegas. MJF was his usual tactless self, raising a middle finger for the cameras, and he later critiqued Pimblett's abilities as a fighter.

"There is a huge difference between when I'm wrestling and Paddy is fighting," says Friedman. "When I'm on the marquee, it's going to be fantastic. You put Paddy the Baddy in the cage, you might get a great fight, or it might be a lump of f—ing coal. I'm consistently perfect."

MJF then spread his bile around, adding, "All these MMA guys are prima donnas. They fight once every six months. And then sometimes s*** the bed. Try wrestling multiple times in a week. They won't be able to handle the miles."

Pimblett has been in MJF's crosshairs before, but the UFC fighter hasn't been turning the other cheek when it comes to the AEW star's insults. MJF used social media to refer to Pimblett as a "dollar store Conor McGregor" – McGregor chimed in later to claim that a "dollar store Conor is still worth millions" – while challenging Pimblett to a fight when AEW produces an event in the U.K. next year.

For his part, Pimblett implied that MJF's muscles and strength came via steroids and he relished the opportunity to meet MJF in the ring.

"If [you] wanna have a real fight let's sort it out with @ufc if not pipe down!" Pimblett wrote on social media. "Oh tell [your] boss to sign me up when yous come to Fulham's ground. I be ready, son."