Marc Mero Names Current WWE Stars He Would Love To Wrestle

Marc Mero hasn't stepped foot in a wrestling ring since his retirement in 2006, however, that doesn't mean he hasn't been keeping up with the business since then. He's revealed which current talent he would like to face if he ever decided to make a return.

"My injuries are all healed up. I mean, I could literally get back in the ring tomorrow and still have a good match," Mero told the "Ten Count" podcast. "You know, there's some guys out there that are just tremendous workers. Seth Rollins ... gosh any of The Bloodline — that is the most entertaining thing they've got going now. Sami Zayn and that whole crew, that's really fun to watch, and over in AEW, they've got Bryan Danielson ... even Chris Jericho, man. Over the years, me and Chris were always in wrestling together, but in different companies so we never got to work together."

Mero opened the Marc Mero Body Slam Training Institute shortly after his retirement and currently travels to schools across America to tell stories and inspire the next generation as a motivational speaker.

He is best known for his time in the business in the '90s and had stints in WCW using the moniker of Johnny B. Badd, and in WWE where he worked under his real name and had a long-standing alliance with Sable. He is a former WCW World Television Champion and Intercontinental Champion.

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