AEW Shares Post-Match Interview With Action Andretti Following Huge AEW Dynamite Win

If you wagered money that the talk of the wrestling world this week following "AEW Dynamite" would be Action Andretti, then you would currently be getting much richer. Andretti upset Chris Jericho in singles action at "Winter Is Coming" in a match that was set to put "The Ocho" back on the path of victory following his defeat at the swing of Claudio Castagnoli to end ROH Final Battle. The Garland, Texas crowd erupted when Andretti got the 1-2-3 over the GOAT and it was revealed immediately after "Dynamite" that the 24-year old was officially "All Elite."

In light of Andretti's memorable night, AEW shared a video in which Renee Paquette caught up with the underdog to get his thoughts on his unexpected victory. "Words cannot describe how I feel right now," Andretti said to Paquette before noting all of Jericho's historic accolades. "I'm pretty new to this game, but that's pretty damn good for a rookie if you ask me and if I can do that out there against a guy like Chris Jericho well then Renee, I think there's no telling the rest of the things that I can do here in AEW."

What Jericho did for Andretti at "Winter Is Coming" is similar to what the late, great Scott Hall did for Jericho over 25 years ago on an episode of "WCW Nitro" before Halloween Havoc 1997. In a 2015 interview with Sam Roberts, Hall talked about how it was unplanned for Jericho to go over him that night, but the brash "Outsider" let a young "Lionheart" secure a pinfall victory after letting Jericho know that he was going to take all the heat for it.