Diamond Dallas Page Reveals New Film Project About WWE Hall Of Famer

Diamond Dallas Page contains multitudes. Not only is Page a former WCW Champion, but he's also a yogi and a filmmaker.

Page had a hand in making a documentary "The Resurrection of Jake The Snake," about friend and former-roommate Jake "The Snake" Roberts's road to sobriety. In an interview with Tyler Treese for Comingsoon.net, Page said the documentary had "a lot of power to it," and revealed that he'd been approached about turning Jake's recovery into a feature film.

"Recently, I've been approached about making that a movie — a scripted movie that'll end up on a big screen," Page said, "and they love the story. So that's something I'm super excited about." Roberts has since called Page's help in achieving sobriety "a miracle." Roberts, once crippled by addiction, was able to rebuild his once-tarnished legacy, leading to an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, as well as a brief tenure with All Elite Wrestling.

Page has since opened up the house that he used to help Jake recover from addiction to a production crew, making the series "Change or Die" which the WWE Hall of Famer helps a mix of regular people and celebrities like Butterbean and Buff Bagwell better themselves physically and mentally, through DDP Yoga and other inspirational techniques that DDP has picked up over the years. DDP has a number of ventures outside of wrestling, as he is no longer entertaining the idea of wrestling a full match, instead opting to see how long he can keep hitting people with his famed Diamond Cutter.