Brian Myers Reflects On Working With WWE Hall Of Famer

It's no secret that Brian Myers and Matt Cardona are longtime friends. The pair broke into the wrestling business together in the early 2000s and had their breakthrough in the business when they teamed up with WWE Hall of Famer Edge as The Edgeheads, and Myers has now revealed how everything came together.

"We thought [it] up in the car one night," Myers told Renee Paquette on "The Sessions". "Edge was a hello and goodbye person to us at the time. That was the whole relationship. I was like 'Well, what if we tell him about this idea?' So, we [gather] the courage to go up to him and say 'Hey, we have this idea.' He said 'Here's my email. Email it to me.' So, we sent him this email, I sent it to him and it worked. He read it and loved it and that got the ball rolling and made it all happen."

Myers said that Edge gave him and Cardona a chance at a time when they were struggling to find their place on the main roster. He also added that his biggest takeaway from working with Edge was how to slow down in the ring and not rush things. The trio reunited briefly in 2016 after an episode of SmackDown for a hilarious backstage segment.

Myers elaborated on his first interactions with Matt Cardona, stating that he never expected that they would become multi-time tag team champions as they did not initially get along due to the fact that they saw one another as competition. The turning point in their friendship was when they found out about their mutual love for wrestling action figures.

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