Backstage News On How Sasha Banks Is Viewed Internally By WWE

The entire wrestling world is currently talking about Sasha Banks (real name Mercedes Varnado), and despite the fact that she's main-evented WrestleMania and won countless titles, internally WWE does not see her as someone who would be on top of the industry for the next five years, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. WWE and Varnado were reportedly far apart in terms of financial figures when they attempted to negotiate her return, and while she is seen as someone who could have another title run the company believes she has peaked as a star. However, WWE did concede that the reality is if she was to return there would be a honeymoon period where fans would go crazy for her, but that clearly isn't something WWE believes she could sustain.

According to the Observer, it is believed that Varnado's time with WWE officially came to an end back in the summer, as was reported by Raj Giri, and the Four Horsewoman is expected to be involved in New Japan Pro-Wrestling's Wrestle Kingdom 17 event in some capacity. While NJPW couldn't pay her anywhere close to her WWE deal, she is expected to be working for the company for major events. Varnado had hoped to be paid in a similar region to two of WWE's other top female athletes; Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, but she wasn't offered anything close to that.

Despite WWE's reported internal beliefs, Varnado has been making a name for herself outside the world of professional wrestling. From starring in Disney's "The Mandalorian" to recently filming a movie project, the "Legit Boss" is wasting no time in building her brand. Since walking out on WWE due to creative differences, Varnado has been busy attending various red carpet events, working with Marvel, and even appearing on a catwalk.