Booker T Comments On Sasha Banks Leaving WWE For Japan

After months of uncertainty, the path for Sasha Banks' return to professional wrestling is now clear. As her departure from WWE reportedly took place "months ago," the multi-time champion will resume wrestling-related bookings after January 1, with a major debut already slated to occur in New Japan Pro Wrestling. On January 4, "The Boss" will appear at Wrestle Kingdom 17, fueling the likelihood that Banks — real name Mercedes Varnado — will take on the winner of the IWGP Women's Championship match between KAIRI and Tam Nakano, as the subsequent title defense will take place within the United States. With the recent reported confirmation of Banks leaving WWE, Hall of Famer Booker T recently weighed in on her big move.

"She's incredible," he said on "The Hall of Fame" podcast. "She's going to be doing some matches for them. If she can get it, get it. I ain't mad at nobody that's getting their [money] bag."  The current "WWE NXT" commentator noted that since her stint on "The Mandalorian," Banks' stock significantly raised. "After you get that kind of check, other checks don't look right ... You could pretty much, call your shot. So, I get it," he said. Booker continued on, congratulating Banks on her upcoming appearance, and stating he "always put Sasha really, really high on my pedestal as far as work goes."

Banks will "fit right in" with the female talent in Japan as well, according to Booker. "She is definitely somebody that can go out there and perform at a very high level," he said. Though Banks will be transitioning her work over to Japan, Booker believes the star will be able to maintain her popularity with American fans due to her mainstream involvement in other projects, such as movies.