Action Andretti Reflects On Huge AEW Dynamite Win

Action Andretti made his "AEW Dynamite" debut against Chris Jericho on December 14 in what everyone assumed would be an easy win for Jericho. However, Andretti scored one of AEW's biggest upsets to date, as he defeated Jericho after nearly 10 minutes of action with a running Shooting Star Press. After Andretti's big win, the crowd enthusiastically cheered the 24-year-old, and AEW CEO Tony Khan announced on Twitter that Andretti was officially All Elite. With this being his first TV match, the pressure was on Andretti to rise to the occasion. He recalled how he felt prior to making his way to the ring and when he finally got his "game face" on.


"The nerves were definitely there, the butterflies are always there," Andretti said on "Busted Open Radio." "I knew I couldn't be nervous once the bell rung, you know? I could let it all out in the back, but once I was in that ring, and I hear Jericho's music going, and the people singing, and the flames going off, I had my game face on through all that. I still knew it was time to get down to business and put on my best performance."

Following such a major victory, expectations are high for Andretti moving forward. Andretti addressed whether he believes he is ready for that pressure. "I'm super ready because I understand with all the love you get, there will always be some hate that comes with it," Andretti said. "I'll never let it bring me down. Nothing that anybody says can take away the feeling that I've had these past 24 hours. ... After that match I did not sleep at all."


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