AEW Star Tells Top Dolla To Ignore Online Hate

Hit Row secured themselves a shot at the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships on "WWE SmackDown" this week when they defeated Legado Del Fantasma and The Viking Raiders in a triple threat tag team match. However, one moment that got the wrestling world talking was when Top Dolla's dive over the top rope didn't go to plan, as he dangerously ended up flipping over the top rope, awkwardly landing on the ring apron. 

Of course, the internet was quick to react to the situation across the weekend by calling out the mistake which led to Top Dolla sharing a video of himself hitting the move before when he was on the independent scene while stating, "I was 50 lbs heavier in this video than I am now. My leg gave out on live TV and some of y'all jokes are actually very funny but calling me a liar is super weird. It could've been way worse so I'm blessed. Y'all don't care doe."

While the "SmackDown" star clearly felt he needed to defend himself, WWE Hall Of Famer and current AEW star Mark Henry was quick to defend him. The veteran tweeted, "Bro, anyone that has ever performed has failed. It's a part of the process to get better. Why would you listen to people that have no idea how to do what you did, the ability or confidence to do what you did an the athleticism to perform that maneuver when the cameras are rolling."

Top Dolla will have the chance to showcase exactly what he is capable of on the December 23 episode of "SmackDown" when he and Ashante "Thee" Adonis challenge The Usos, giving them the chance to win gold in WWE for the first time ever.