Jake Roberts Wanted To Form A Heel Stable With Two Hardcore Legends

Jake "The Snake" Roberts has typically been regarded as a singles wrestler; his demeanor largely leaned toward that of a loner. Throughout his career, he was never part of a major tag team, even as he did hold tag gold once for World Class Championship Wrestling. But on a recent episode of "The Snake Pit" podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer revealed which two men he would have chosen to team up with, envisioning a fantasy stable of sorts.

"Definitely would've liked to have worked with Mick [Foley]," Roberts said. "I think our styles would've matched up pretty damn good, and I don't think anybody would've gotten in the way. I would've liked to have seen Terry Funk in there as a threesome. Make him the 'Godfather of Style' or something, I don't know. You've got Terry Funk, would've been great to be in there."

Funk and Foley both showcased a much different style of wrestling than Roberts did throughout their careers. Whereas Roberts was very methodical with his opponents, Foley and Funk would commonly put their bodies on the line in high-risk matches. One of Foley's most iconic matches — his Hell in a Cell match against The Undertaker — saw him thrown off the top of the Cell not once but twice, and Funk is a veteran of numerous Deathmatches across both the United States and Japan; for many, Funk's name has become synonymous with violence in professional wrestling.

Roberts mentioned one other Superstar from the past that he believed could have fit alongside himself, Foley, and Funk. "[The] Berzerker. He would've been good to be in there." The Berzerker wrestled in WWF from 1991 until 1993 and was known for throwing his opponents over the top rope to the floor and winning via countout.