WWE Star Warns Cristiano Ronaldo To Stay Away From Wrestling

The 2022 FIFA World Cup recently came to an end, with Argentina claiming the coveted trophy, adding another accolade to Lionel Messi's incredible career. It furthers the argument many soccer fans have that he is the greatest of all time, a designation often hotly debated between him and Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo, who had a tournament to forget. Portugal was knocked out in the quarter-finals, with the former Manchester United star not even making the starting lineup for the match. 

However, the discussion has now turned to what could be next for Ronaldo, as he is no longer under contract with the "Red Devils." While all signs seemingly point to a transfer away from England, could he be tempted to transition into wrestling? He would be a major signing for WWE due to his worldwide fame, but when asked by Metro if Ronaldo would be a success in wrestling, WWE star Apollo Crews said "Not with me here!" There has yet to be a top-level soccer player that's become a main roster WWE Superstar, despite many other athletes doing so. But when it comes to Ronaldo, his drive and determination could conceivably take him anywhere.

"Honestly, with that mentality to be a top athlete in the world on that level, I think just on the mentality alone he would've done okay,' Crews said. "When you start the physical part, that's a different story though, for most people. But again, [he's] a world-class athlete so I wouldn't put it past him." Ronaldo's former Manchester United teammate Wayne Rooney was once involved in a physical altercation on "WWE Raw," where he slapped Wade Barrett following a Twitter exchange. Meanwhile, Hugo Knox was a former professional soccer player who managed to join WWE's developmental system, but ended up released in 2016. More recently, Adebayo Akinfenwa appeared for PROGRESS Wrestling, teaming with AEW's Anthony Ogogo to make his in-ring debut.