Jimmy Korderas Addresses An Industry-Wide Wrestling Problem

There are many tropes in professional wrestling, whether it be wrestling weddings going awry or heels insulting the local sports teams. There are tropes in matches as well, one of which is the dreaded roll-up finish, which often occurs as a result of a distraction.

At times the finish can be used to protect the wrestler who loses, and that was the aim on "WWE Raw" this week when Akira Tozawa threw liquid into the face of Dominik Mysterio, which distracted Finn Balor and allowed  Montez Ford to get a roll-up victory. Former WWE official Jimmy Korderas described the often-used finish as an "industry-wide problem" during his latest "Reffin Rant."

"When something happens too often it doesn't mean anything, it loses its specialness," Korderas said "You have these great matches, these great false finishes, people are kicking out of peoples finishes, actual finishes, and people are going, 'ooh, aah,' and then all of a sudden you get these roll-ups with the bad distraction; it's gotta stop."

There are times when finish can be cleverly done, and that is why Korderas is simply urging talent to be "at least a little more creative" when they are choosing to end a match in this manner or "don't do it as much." Over the years, plenty of classic matches have ended with the move, such as Chris Jericho versus Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 19, proving that when done right it can effectively surprise the audience.

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