Shawn Michaels Wants To Shy Away From 'Tropes' With WWE NXT Stars

The new regime has made its presence felt in WWE. New talent has been added to the roster and Shawn Michaels was officially named Senior VP of Talent Development, overseeing creative for "WWE NXT." As a result of these changes, "NXT" star Sanga and the returning Veer have been given new characters.


Veer was previously part of the main roster for "WWE Raw." He was booked as the cliché angry wrestler who inflicts damage on every opponent in his path. Sanga, on the other hand, was booked in a similar fashion when he was reintroduced as Grayson Waller's bodyguard. But now both wrestlers are on "NXT" and have taken a 180 on their characters, presenting themselves as calm, classy, and intelligent.

During the recent "Halloween Havoc" media call, Michaels touched on Sanga and Veer's changes. He said he's aware of the "wrestling tropes" that come with being a big wrestler and iterated that it's not what he wanted to do with both men. The idea for their current presentation stems from who they are in real life.


"They are both just such clean, classy, sharp, really nice guys...and so we just thought like why don't we just do that and present them as who they are," Michaels said. "...I'm not gonna give you the whole skinny on what we're doing but we think we've got something pretty cool and fun. But, again we wanted it to come in the package that it currently is, which is really who they are because they're unbelievably smart, bright, intelligent, classy men and that's certainly the way we want to portray them."

Sanga and Veer were formerly tag team partners when they first debuted in "NXT" in 2018. They were known as the Indus Sher and wrestled as Saurav and Rinku, respectively.